5 Ways to Support your Favorite Photographer

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Did you know you can show support for your favorite photographer (or small business), and you can do so without having to spend money? Well, here’s how:


Tag, share, and brag about your photographer. Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. When a friend raves about their experience with someone, it builds that trust to hire because you trust your friend (well, hopefully). Ask your photographer if they have a referral program. Sometimes you can be gifted prints or a discount towards your next session.


Go hang out with your photographer’s social media accounts. We love to hear your love about our work. Commenting gives our posts the extra boost it needs to show up in the feed. 


Leave a review. Sharing your experience about your session, the booking process, and generally any part you’re tickled about helps potential clients take the step to trusting us to do a fantastic job on their session too. 


Don’t ask for discounts or the notorious “just a couple pictures” right off the bat if the photographer isn’t advertising any specials. This question is insulting to us if we’ve never worked with you because the bottom line is, you’re suggesting you don’t value our work and time enough to pay full price. It’s okay to ask to bundle services, and most photographers will discount a bit to help you save some dough. Some photographers offer “returning client” rates to show appreciation, so keep that in mind for continuing your services with someone you enjoyed working with. 


If your photographer is all about blogging, read what she/he has to share. Love what he/she said? Share it with others on FB or IG, or even Pinterest. 

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