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To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

If you haven’t watched The Secret of Life of Walter Mitty, you should! It’s a fun little movie that really digs deep into a seize-the-day or live on wishing you did kind of storyline. The cinematography is stunning, and maybe I’m being a little bias about it because most of it was filmed in Iceland ☺️

But I can really relate to Walter from the movie, in more ways than just Iceland. See, I was that day dreamer (not on the extent of his level) wishing I could be like all the others who were taking these epic trips on Pinterest, Instagram and so on. I wished for experiences like that. I wanted those pictures for myself. But I quickly crossed it off because reality of having two small kids – a family.  

Then Hope Myers pops into my life. When people say you can meet some of your closest friends randomly from IG- it’s TRUE! She kinda is/was my Sean O’Connell (again, watch the movie) and asked me to go with her on a photographer girl’s trip anywhere we wanted. 

The hardest part about the trip wasn’t the cost or the planning. It was asking my husband if I could be totally selfish and go on an epic trip to one of the most beautiful and expensive places in the Northern Atlantic – without him and the kids. 

At first, he was a little disappointed about it but I married this man for a reason because he understands my gypsy heart. And it also helped the decision that I had endured a ton of trainings and a couple deployments. So he gave me this.

So I went. For the first two days I didn’t feel right. Almost panicky even – being that I haven’t taken a trip that far away for that long from my kids since…ever; my motherly instincts were raging for me to get back to them. So, I had to do a little reminding myself as to why I was there. 

For me. 

For culture. 

For Hope. 

For beautiful new landscapes that are otherworldly. 

For my kids. To show them to take chances and make memories for themselves. 

The homesickness dimmed and the adventure began and the memories are worth more than the cost of the trip. 

If you have Iceland on your bucket list, go! Just do it! The place is jaw dropping beautiful. The people are so wonderfully warm and the food is incredible! I’ll write another post about some of my do and don’ts next but stop the daydream and go! 

It’s funny how I had felt homesick and panicky in Iceland, well when I returned, as happy as I was to be home with my family, I felt the same about not being there. I wanted to go back. It was almost as though I left a piece of me in Iceland. It took me a couple weeks to sort that out to see that it wasn’t JUST Iceland but that I gave my heart to traveling and experiencing new cultures. I opened a door to my small world and I don’t think I can shut it again. 

But next time, my husband will come with me and the time after that the kids will join for a big family adventure when they’re old enough to keep those memories forever. 

Thanks to my traveling partner, Hope, for recommending the movie and also being my Iceland buddy. 

  1. Denise Pennell says:

    Dear Jenny, How in the world did I miss this beautiful blog? What an incredible and life-altering experience! Your pictures just tantalize others to visit Iceland, a land I never gave much thought to…but now want to go. How blessed you are that Garrett supported your request, and you finally overcame the homesickness to enjoy that land far away. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Iceland and the incredible photos taken by you and your friend. Simply stunning, my dear! Can’t wait to see where your gypsy heart will take you next. Love, Denise

  2. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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