HEY, I'm jENNY, And I like weird.

I go by many titles, but wife and mom of two pretty cute kids are my most cherished. We're a pretty laid back group of humans that love to be outdoors, host dinners for friends and make each other laugh.

I'm all about
mountains and travel

My favorite lipstick shade is a bold red. I dabble in watercolors. I'm obsessed with lemons. My favorite month is October. My biggest inspirations are my Grandma Mildred and the artist Andrew Wyeth. 

And one day, I hope to do yearly international travels with the family. 



book cover 

I was burnt out! To the point, that I had little interest to pick up my camera for myself or my family and that gave me the push to let it all go and get back to what I really love doing- creating for fun. 

Enter a random day on Instagram where I ran into someone's book cover photography account. At first, I couldn't believe that this was a profession, then my heart grew faster as I realized this could join my two loves; photography and books. 


10 years of traditional portrait photography ...

"Don't judge a book by it's cover" is a wonderful quote to teach children and to keep in your back pocket for later years, but in the world of novels, the cover can make all the difference. I have first hand experience of buying a book from an author I had no clue about before BECAUSE the cover was beautifully created and alluring. 

judge the cover


romance novels

Chai latte



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05. starbucks order



photo wizard

07. when i'm not working

06. place to shop

08. superpower

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03. favorite city

 the fun facts

A movie that I ugly cried to, a song pulling on my heart, and, of course, books that open new worlds. All of these play into my process to create and shoot.

They open my eyes to magical things.

Watching them

Rare oddities to use in shoots, vintage books to read, and anything with velvet!


When inspiration hits

Antique SHOPS


Four favorite things ...

You can find me mapping out abandoned buildings or buying smoke bombs frequently.



the weird and eerie


books! so many


01. favorite tv show

02. guilty pleasure


04. platform of choice

03. fave city

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chai latte


family. travel

05. starbucks order

06. place to shop

photography, obvs.

08. super power

07. when i'm not working


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