Clara + Sam | Lake Tholocco, Alabama

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Clara popped up in my inbox with the most unique of requests for a couple session. Unlike anything I’ve heard before, she shared how she still owns the dress from her very first date with, now husband, Sam. That first date happened 10 years ago! She went on to include that they took pictures that day and wanted to wear the same dress for an anniversary session/30th birthday present. 

Now here is the really cool part, as I had Clara and Sam sitting in a field- curled up into each others laps they began to flip through the album of their first date. Knelt down in the tall grasses next to them, I almost forgot what I was doing as I watched in awe of their reminiscing. 

Between their smiles, there were little moments where they would catch each other’s attention and take a second to just admire the person they fell in love with. 

Those little glimpses of pride, joy and love between the two of them is a forever kind of connection that runs deep and lasts the test of time or in that moment- a crazy photographer that asked for them to get into the water. 🤪


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