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With Adaline being my last, I feel the pressure of relishing in every little stage. AND with her turning two on the 21st, it’s hard to stomach that her chubby wrists and thighs will start to vanish in another year or so. Soon she’ll know how to voice her sass (not looking forward to that) and be potty trained (really looking forward to not buying diapers).

With those changes on the horizon it was important to do something to mark her second birthday. To freeze time, to celebrate her coming into toddlerhood and have a moment to be creative with her.

I won’t apologize for the overshare on these. I’m just so ecstatic about them because in all reality the pictures should have flopped. I decided to do them on a whim, after Logan got home from school, before the storms rolled in that night and it was pretty chilly out. So, you see, my expectations were low because my kids act up ALL THE TIME when I have my camera out.

It’s like the photography gods smiled down on me with the most beautiful evening, well behaved or distracted kids to get these gifts of images.

A typical, “I don’t want to share” face.
Props aren’t really my thing but giving my kids natural elements (water, bubbles, flowers, etc.) for distractions is always a must!
The cutest little photographer assistant in training there ever was!
I love this set of action shots. It shows her age of curiosity and destruction. ha!
Distracted by the moon- “Adaline, how old are you?” “No thats one.”
Then mimics my two. Priceless!
She loves showing off her shoes.
Easily self entertained.


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