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It’s been an amazing year! So much has happened and it all started with the move from Upstate NY to Southern Alabama. But the part that I didn’t even imagine happening was having the photography year that I did with moving my business.

Restarting a photography business in another state is TOUGH! Going from booking constantly to nada is frustrating. In all honesty, I had a super low point and just about gave it up.


Sell the gear. Turn off the computer- give it up.

Because of amazing, supportive people (you know who you are), word spread and one job became two, then 10 and ending this year with 27 sessions and 7 weddings. I’m floored. I had it in my silly head that I wasn’t going to work at all this year.

So, from the very bottom of my heart and my whole being- THANK YOU! You are giving me my dream of continuing on and I can’t wait to see what and who comes into my life in 2019!

Without further to do, let’s give my clients the attention they deserve because, man I’m blessed with people beautiful in front of my camera. First up is a shout out to all my couples, families, boudoir babes and grads.

I’ll share the weddings with you tomorrow.


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