Couple Session | Providence Canyon State Park, Georgia

Couple Session

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Erin Van Vuren

In the photographer world, epic shooting locations are like crack to addicts. We will stop at nothing to get our next hit of jaw dropping, next levelness (not a word, but I’m going with it). The only problem? Getting clients to jump on the adventurous wagon isn’t easy when you suggest their session will consist of humidity, bugs, snakes, long hiking and oh, did I mention snakes? Yeah. Not so much.

Then the photography gods appeared to me when Sarah and Nick landed in my inbox and Sarah suggested Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia. They love the outdoors. I love the outdoors. They’re adventurous. I’m adventurous. 


Oh! Did I mention, I’m crazy obsessed with being in the woods? Try me on it. I’m already out the door if you even whisper the words “hike” “session”. 

I really couldn’t believe my luck! Not only would I get to cross off this beautiful park from my bucket list, but Sarah and Nick spoke to my love language, adventure! It couldn’t be more perfect. 


I got to the park and met the most chill, dual military, coolest couple. Yeah, that’s right, I’m super bragging. Not even a little bit sorry either because the pictures speak for themselves. 


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