Where the River Meets the Sea

Personal Project

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She just sits
waiting for nothing
for someone dead to come home

alone up on their roof

wind turns her face arctic
the moon laughs at the mourning

her dress is falling apart
white turns to dust
the smell of his bittersweet, spice, cologne
it’s been on since he left

overlooking cold salt water
the place where the kids swim
at the bottom lies her husband
patriotic and unforgiving

it’s been over a year of
wondering if he’s still out there
if he still has that calming pulse
that she used to fall asleep to

she got the letter that he was gone
ripped it up, threw it out
thought about jumping in
but didn’t have the nerve

slowly walking through water
it reaches her neck
the only place she can touch him
his remaining particles caress her
with every black wave

realize he’s absent now
darling, that’s the brutal truth
take the stroll of shame
down the Widow’s Walk

Watts, Brandi. “Lighthouses and Warships

Location: Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, Cape Vincent, New York

Dress: Lulus.com (now available in client closet)

Vintage Duster Jacket:  Milk and Ice Vintage (now available in client closet)

Model: Courtney

Music: Then Everything Changed by Alaskan Tapes



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