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by jenny haury



I am Siren

The female body is a muse to artists and sculptors. YOUR body is the very definition of beauty; a force not to be messed with. Mystery. There is no one like you in the world. You deserve to be celebrated.

Let your SIREN out.

Hey, girl...

artful Boudoir photography 

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

Dark Paranormal Romance novels.
Gin and Ginger Ale.
Game of Thrones.   
Hanging with Wild, Spirited Friends.  

My guilty pleasures:

I planned for my boudoir to be the best Valentine's surprise for my husband, what I didn't plan for was how much I was in awe of my pictures. From the experience, I found a new wave of self confidence and I FINALLY felt good in my skin. I couldn't keep this experience to myself, so I went on my journey to becoming a boudoir photographer.

Im a wine drinking, gyspy at heart, army wife with a passion to make women feel sexy as sin.

MEET Jenny

Photo By: Eliza Jane 

Before I even turn my camera on, your boudoir session is about YOU! We will pour the champagne, turn up the music and gush over the gorgeous outfits you have chosen. Together we will build a series of poses that your inner siren will be singing to try. 

At the end of your boudoir session you will not only FEEL like the sexy siren you are, but have that sultry siren immortalized in everlasting ART. 

What to expect

1 HR Session
Two Outfits
30 Edited Images
Online Gallery
Print Release

$200 + tax

Collection one

1.5 HR Session
Two- Three Outfits
40 Edited Images
Online Gallery
Print Release
8 x 8 Premium Panoramic Album 

$254 + tax

Collection Two

2 HR Session
Two- Three Outfits
50 Edited Images
Online Gallery
Print Release
8.5 x 11 Premium Panoramic Album 

$290 + tax

Collection Three


I can't wait to meet you.


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