More than

I'm looking for couples who feel connected to the bigger picture rather than what's the right way to do things. I have never taken the easy route and I rather do the unexpected. I want couples to soak in the moments that pass too quickly and forget the rest. Dresses get dirty. Cakes fall apart. The beauty of it all, your soul is forever entwined to another and your story begins.

If finding a photographer is just another item you are checking off on your list,
I'm probably not for you. That's alright. How I work isn't for everyone.

I'm here for ones that can't go through this life living the same day 75 years over.
I am for the dreamers, rule breakers and mad lovers.


There you are, my crazy lovers!
You have found a way to make this day focused on an experience to share with those that are down right your unwavering tribe.
Stay wild.  


When you were little and danced through the rooms of your childhood home, this is how you always imagined it. You, the man of your dreams and all the family and friends to cater to the love you have danced into. 
Twirl away.


Whatever it may be. Where ever it may take place. Don't we all want to be like Rose in Titanic with a mantle load of pictures highlighting the life we have adventured?
Live on.