More than

I'm looking for friendships more than a client. That word just sounds so dry, client...bleh! Water please~  I rarely take myself seriously and I want my new friends (hopefully that's you!) to laugh with me.

Because wedding cakes fall apart (mine did), clothes get dirty, someone get's a little too shammered. It's a beautiful, perfectly imperfect life. And those are the moments I want to cherish.

I'm for the dreamers, adventurers and the mad jokesters.

Once I receive your info from my contact form, you can expect a reply within the same day that includes my wedding coverage proposal, a little info and answers to any questions you might have!

Then we get to the really fun part...

From the very beginning...

Jenna & Andrew

After you have submitted the wedding proposal back to me, we chat. When/where/how is up to you, but most brides are fine with a phone call.

We will talk about all the juicy details of you and your beau, what you have planned for the wedding and I will try to stay on topic of booking, but sometimes I get so caught up getting to know you that we might end up chatting about favorite guilty pleasure tv shows.

let's talk...

Kelsey & jordan

You just have to have me and I'm dying to photograph your wedding! We are a match made in wedding heaven, am I right?

Now for the stuffy legalities...bleh!

- I will send over a contract and quote for you to review.

- You sign the contract, accept the quote and pay your 50% deposit to hold the date.

- We are all set and can break out the drinks!

let's make it official

Adrianne & Dalton

For the couples that need an engagement session, you are going to get a full dose of my personality, crazy fun posing ideas and just a plain good time!

I won't rest until we find the perfect location and have you both feeling like you could pick up a little side hustle gig in modeling.

When we wave our goodbyes, you can expect your images to be delivered to your email through a completely easy to use gallery in ONE week!

you asked and I answered

kayla & colin

You never have to worry about how to put a photography timeline or portrait groupings shot list together.

I gotcha, girl!

Leading up to the wedding I'll stay in touch to see how planning is going. Once we are a month out from the big day, I'll lead you through organizing your shot list and draft up a timeline for you to approve.  

starting to get real

shauna & nic

The wedding day! Full of nerves, love and hardcore celebrating. But don't worry about a thing, because as your photographer...I got this!

I'll arrive with gear ranging in all shapes and sizes, timeline and shot list in hand and a pep in my step. Mind in the game and I'm sooo ready to get the job done in the most efficient and fun way! 

Your family is going to FLIP when they see how easy and fast I can get through the portraits. 

i now Pronounce...

sam & justin

Whew! You did it! I did it! We made it!

Now for the least favorite part for my couples, waiting. 

It won't be too painful though. I like to preview a set of images a couple days after the wedding on my Facebook and Instagram to give a small taste of the the awesomeness that will be delivered to you.

Then jump 4-5 weeks forward and you are sitting at home, reliving your biggest day through an online gallery, that's screaming to be downloaded.

They lived happily

marissa & george

The JH WEDDING Experience


There you are, my crazy lovers!
You have found a way to make this day focused on an experience to share with those that are down right your unwavering tribe.
Stay wild.  


When you were little and danced through the rooms of your childhood home, this is how you always imagined it. You, the man of your dreams and all the family and friends to cater to the love you have danced into. 
Twirl away.


Whatever it may be. Where ever it may take place. Don't we all want to be like Rose in Titanic with a mantle full of pictures highlighting the life we have adventured?
Live on.